PhD Application Mentoring

Preparing for an Art PhD Application

In order to teach at university level these days you need a PhD. In recent years the number of contemporary artists undertaking the qualification has sky-rocketed. The "PhD Application Mentoring" course is designed to help you build a credible application to obtain a place on a practice-based Fine Art PhD course. Properly understanding how you might go about generating a research question is a difficult process. If you are serious about your success in undertaking a post-graduate course of this nature then maximise your chances of success with the PhD Application Mentoring course. This is an online programme taking place over three hour-long tutorials designed to help you strengthen your application. The course will set you on the right track by helping you to more clearly identify your methodology, field, and research question. The course will introduce you to the terminology and “frequently asked questions” associated with doctorate level Fine Art projects.

Your tutorials will happen within a timeline agreed by both yourself and the mentor. Just upload your “Research Proposal” and images of your work. Shortly after this you will be assigned a specialist mentor to help guide you through the process. The mentor will be an experienced academic trained in PhD support or a "Dr" who has gone through the entire process of obtaining a Fine Art/Design PhD. By the end of the third feedback we aim to make your application much stronger.