PhD Application Mentoring

Preparing for an Art PhD Application

In order to teach at university level these days you need a PhD. Therefore, the number of artists undertaking a PhD has sky-rocketed. One of our most subscribed to courses is the “Preparing for an Art PhD Application” course. Generating a research question and understanding how you might go about beginning to form one is a tricky business. If you can't get your head around it, or you need some support in getting there, then why not apply to be on the PhD prep course? This is an online learning service designed to help you strengthen your application quickly. It is THE ONLY Fine Art PhD application help you can find on the net!

The course will give you three feedbacks (either via Skype or via written email report – your choice!). These will happen within a timeline agreed by both yourself and the mentor. Just upload your “Research Proposal” for our perusal, pay the programme fees and then we are ready to go! Shortly after this you will be assigned a specialist mentor to help guide you through the process. The mentor will be an experienced academic trained in PhD support or a "Dr" who has gone through the entire process of obtaining a Fine Art/Design PhD.

By the end of the third feedback we aim to make your application much stronger by helping you identify: a potential research question, a methodology (research tools), material for a literature review (understanding the field in which you are contributing to), the importance of impact (dissemination), research ethics, and other practitioners who have contributed excellence to your field.

Three feedbacks (written or Skype). Skype tutorial are 1 hour.