Our Mission

The New Art School is an international online programme suitable for artists anywhere in the world. Designed to offer a contemporary art education and meaningful support structures at an affordable rate, it provides an art education for everyone, not just the few.

An art school should offer up-to-date, relevant educational opportunities for future generations of artists. We see the future of the Art School in the convergence of the material and virtual worlds, and we offer this model at a very competitive rate. We provide alternatives to current models of study which are relevant to both undergraduate and postgraduate levels of ability. We also provide an Art PhD application guidance programme. While we do not currently award validated qualifications such as BAs or MAs, we've created our own diploma and take care to work with some of the most exciting visual artists and experienced academics in the UK and beyond to deliver top quality mentoring. The New Art School provides fresh, relevant and smart educational programmes for contemporary artists and cultural practitioners looking to take the next step in their work.