Contemporary Fine Art Mentoring

Contemporary Fine Art Practice

Contemporary Fine Art Practice is a new remote learning programme designed to build, support and ultimately strengthen your artistic-practice through a bespoke and therefore individualised programme. The Contemporary Art Practice programme is a melting pot of minds and creative energy, an easily accessible and convenient platform designed to encourage experimentation and innovation in the field of Contemporary Art Practice.

The course will introduce you to many of the issues, discussions and contextual nuances relevant to your practice by analysing your practice and offering advice and suggestions designed to help you to open up new pathways for investigation. You will be guided by thoughtful professional artists, cultural influencers and experienced academics who will discuss the conditions, questions and contexts appropriate within international art discourse and how these might relate to your work. We aim to build a dialogue and atmosphere that will push you to produce work that challenges the boundaries of fine art – ultimately building you as a practicing artist, helping you to forge connections between your practice and the channels and networks that will allow you to flourish.

The course is about receiving good quality and timely advice and acting on it. It is a one-year course both intense and challenging yet manageable. We aim to build a friendly and supportive, yet critically sensitive atmosphere.  

This course is appropriate and relevant to artists looking for an alternative to MA studies as well as being relevant to candidates who are post MA, who want to either refresh their practice or re-establish discourse and connections. 

The programme will provide you with monthly written emailed feedback correspondence from leading practicing artists, academics and cultural influencers. Our tutors will respond to the uploaded images of your work on our platform and give you a personal response that will focus on improving your work, your knowledge of the field and understanding of professional practice. They may also comment directly on how you might expand your research and offer bespoke technical and conceptual guidance.

For an additional payment learning can be enhanced by activating a "studio tutorial call-out" at an affordable rate. This option allows you to book a tutor to come and speak with you in your studio for one hour or more and provides face to face contact if required (*at present this is offered to students based in London, Glasgow and Brighton only).

*Skype tutorials are also available under a similar “call-out” scheme.